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Jesus tells us to, 'pray without becoming weary.' (Luke 18,1).

With this in mind we have decided to join together as a 'living Rosary' wherever we are for 24 hours on certain days in order to pray for peace in our country, in Europe, in the world, and for the great intentions of the 'Lady of All Nations'.

24 Hours for Mary
If you want to pray with us, you’ll find the list below to sign up. Just pick a time slot (or more !) that you are willing to dedicate to Our Lady by praying the Holy Rosary. That’s how we will create a living chain of prayer on these specific days. It’s so simple: sign your name up and you will be added to the list. When the day is over your data will be deleted and then you can sign up to pray again. You also have the possibility to sign up for the same time every week.

Thank you for helping Our Lady through your prayer, so that she can help us in these difficult times.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us:
Sunday, August 28th 2016
00:00 Sign upHauser ElisabethHelene van der HeijdenHeidemarie FeixMevr. van Dijk Sanders+ 1 more
00:30 Sign upHauser ElisabethElena StarrHeidemarie Feix  
01:00 Sign upmarilisa sardelli    
01:30 Sign upSilvia    
02:00 Sign upFrank Seifert    
02:30 Sign upLucia    
03:00 Sign upHildegund ChallShirleyJozef Malindra  
03:30 Sign upPier Carlo e Vilma    
04:00 Sign upSilviajohannaSopoligová VeronikaFrantiška Hrinová 
04:30 Sign upRettenberger ElisabethAnna Barbara RieplerEsterSopoligová Veronika 
05:00 Sign upSophie FischerShiela haddockAntonia Ries Astner Katharina+ 3 more
05:30 Sign upGisela HeinemannInge Maria Hösel  
06:00 Sign upAnnemarie SimmendingerPeter InnerhoferP.H. OesterleGabriele Kogler+ 15 more
06:30 Sign upAntonia GeislerMariaMaria Pavlikova Karl- Heinz Mühlberger+ 2 more
07:00 Sign upLiliana Cutrupi Karl- Heinz MühlbergerAndrea FohlerLivio Nargi+ 3 more
07:30 Sign upAndrea HeßmannAnne Kniel   
08:00 Sign upRenate und Hans HerbingenMechthildNada KrvavacNada Krvavac+ 1 more
08:30 Sign upJewgenij GerasimenkoSiegmund RiemerGisela SchelbTheresia Grieger+ 5 more
09:00 Sign upHeidi S.Siegmund RiemerLadislav FintaArmand Wyssen 
09:30 Sign upGerdaPfarre EbbsHildegard RießHedi 
10:00 Sign updominika hEddy und Loretta BugaySr. Rebekka und Mitschwestern  
10:30 Sign upHeidi StampfliJozefinaJohanna D  
11:00 Sign upEmil    
11:30 Sign upAntonella Christoph KanduthMargaret   
12:00 Sign upMaria J. Mike M.Sue M.Herr Lüthi+ 1 more
12:30 Sign upRenáta    
13:00 Sign upMirRosenkranzkapelleMonika Raczek  
13:30 Sign upFamilie Bertha / Ängelholms Katolische Lydia Immoos   
14:00 Sign upAnnaMaria und Ludwig MiehlingGerda BeckerBartková Paulína 
14:30 Sign upMarta Balková    
15:00 Sign upMaria StrohmaiermariangelaSerena💖Birgit Wunderling+ 10 more
15:30 Sign upMathias DanzlAlessio Zanetti Birgit WunderlingSiegmund Riemer+ 3 more
16:00 Sign upSusanneMaria TolaEva Hrušková  
16:30 Sign upHeikeAnna GrecogiuseppaAnne+ 1 more
17:00 Sign upP.H.OesterleAnna HeidingsfelderSr. Waltraud ZounekKlara+ 1 more
17:30 Sign upElenaHildegard RießVendelin Sk  
18:00 Sign upMartinaelizabeth warburtonIna Maria S. Müller Claudio und Angelina Schneider+ 4 more
18:30 Sign upAntonia KerschbaumerBernadine PerryOtt Ilse und Hans  
19:00 Sign upAnbetung Pfarrkirche StrassdankaSylvia HauserGabriele und Alfred Elias 
19:30 Sign upPoldi OberlechnerMargarethe und Albin BergmannFriedensgebet Obtarrenz  
20:00 Sign upRita e EduardoAumayr CharlotteMária MalindrováJudita+ 1 more
20:30 Sign upEmilia ChWolfgang WächterAndreasAgata+ 2 more
21:00 Sign upJosefAnneVIERA DUPEJDoris Schuda+ 2 more
21:30 Sign upMila SimkovaZlaticaDoris SchudaFriedbert Schäfer 
22:00 Sign upJugendliche Anbetung ZellLuz GallaisAnka JSzczepanski Elisabeth+ 5 more
22:30 Sign upAndreas Sturm Daniela M.caterina  
23:00 Sign upBarbara MainkaMartin GJohn Wilson & Gudrun Korell-WilsonFrau Feiks 
23:30 Sign upAndreas Sturm Judita SpišákováCarla C.Rebecca Elschker + 1 more